WSVN — Marvin Howard Goss loved life.

Louise Goss, Marvin's Sister: "He was real outgoing. He used to love to dance, used to love to cook."

Marvin also loved nice clothes, fancy jewelry and the attention of the ladies.

Louise Goss, Marvin's Sister: "The ladies say, when he come in say, 'Here comes Marvin.' Because he smelled good. 'Here comes Marvin.'"

But 27 years ago, Dec. 30, 1984, Marvin drew the attention of the wrong person after going to a club on Biscayne Boulevard and 137th Street called "Sugars."

Detective Donna Velazquez, Pembroke Pines Police: "And there are a few patrons as well as bartenders in the original investigation who clearly remember seeing him that night up until about 5 o'clock in the morning."

Marvin was seen walking out with a man who witnesses said appeared to have acne scars.

Detective Donna Velazquez, Pembroke Pines Police: "A white or Latin male with brown hair. He had a mustache, he was 5 feet 11 inches to 6 feet tall and was 150 pounds."

The next time Marvin was seen, he was in a ditch near US 27 in what was then a secluded part of Pembroke Pines. He had one gunshot wound to the chest and none of the jewelry he was wearing that night.

Detective Donna Velazquez, Pembroke Pines Police: "He had quite a few necklaces, rings, things of that nature. He had a brand new Gucci watch. Absolutely none of that was found on his person, nor was it recovered at the scene."

None of Marvin's jewelry was ever found. But Louise still has a ring he gave her that matches the one he was wearing that night.

Louise Goss, Marvin's Sister: "I believe somebody robbed him. They robbed him for his jewelry."

Robbed him and got away, for 27 years.

Louise has thought about her dead brother, but tried not to dwell on the loss too much.

Louise Goss, Marvin's Sister: "You get where you don't think about it too much, because when you think about it, it gets on you. Then, it starts making you look old and ugly."

Patrick Fraser: "But in 27 years, everybody gets older. Things change. Sugars, the club where Marvin was last seen here at 137th Street and Biscayne Boulevard, is gone. Some of the witnesses passed away. But Detective Donna Velazquez has picked up the cold case and is ready to try to find the killer again."

Detective Donna Velazquez, Pembroke Pines Police: "Did he frequent that place?"

Louise Goss, Marvin's Sister: "Yeah, he generally goes to that place."

Maybe Louise has a little piece of information that will help.

Maybe some of the witnesses from that night that Detective Velazquez has tracked down will remember something.

Detective Donna Velazquez, Pembroke Pines Police: "There are some pretty strong players that are around today that were pretty strong in the original case, so I'm anxious to get those interviews underway."

One witness may remember somebody, so Detective Velazquez can come up with something.

Detective Donna Velazquez, Pembroke Pines Police: "Twenty-seven years later, time passes. People are more inclined to come forward. They don't have so much to lose anymore. They're older. I'm hoping that's what's going to happen with this case."

Louise has lived without her brother for 27 years. She would like to live knowing who murdered him.

Louise Goss, Marvin's Sister: "I would like to know what happened to my brother, and I do believe somebody will come up and say what happened."

Marvin Goss walked out of a club called Sugars on Biscayne Boulevard, never to be seen alive. If someone you know said something about the man or the murder back in the 80s, no matter how insignificant you think it is, give Broward Crime Stoppers a call. Your small tidbit might break open the case.

And if you have lost a loved one and would like to help police track down the killer, give us a call, and see how many people are still Out for Justice.


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