Man diagnosed with cancer falls victim to eBay scheme

WSVN — A man battling cancer is now living his final years scammed out of thousands of dollars. He has lost everything, and Miami Dade Police say he is not the only victim. Rosh Lowe has the story in tonight’s Lowedown.

David Westerfield, victim: "I’m a big believer, and I can’t believe something like this would happen."

David Westerfield is fighting for his life, and also fighting a coldhearted crook who scammed him out of his last few dollars.

David lives outside of Dallas, Texas, and spoke with us through Skype.

David Westerfield, victim: "I’ve gone through much worse in my life, but it keeps piling up."

David has stage three prostate cancer. His cancer is spreading, and his medical bills are growing.

In January, he needed cash to pay for his medicine, so he went on eBay to sell his Rolex watch.

David thought he sold it for more than $15,000 to a guy named Tonni Smith.

But there was no Tonni Smith. Cops say David was ripped off by a man named Reynaldo Villena.

Miami-Dade Detective Sandra Valdes: "Anybody can be in that situation, and it’s hard, especially if he’s from out of town. For him to tell me this is the last thing he has, he’s dying of cancer and all he wants is a vacation — it’s frustrating. If anybody knows where that Rolex is, return it."

Valdes says she was getting several reports of people getting ripped off once they sold their items on eBay and sent them to an address in Northwest Miami Dade.

And that address is where police busted Villena.

Miami-Dade Detective Sandra Valdes: "He was going on eBay and created a fake PayPal account."

Police say Villena would send his victims a fake PayPal message that showed he paid for the items he was buying. The total number of thefts total nearly $57,000.

Miami-Dade Detective Sandra Valdes: "He got emotional. He basically said this was easy money and he had to feed his family."

And police say he has victims all over the country. One person sold limited edition sneakers valued at between $1,400 and $1,800.

These shoes represent victims, and cops say there are many victims. They are not going to stop until each of these victims get their items back and get closure.

David Westerfield: "I said there is only one trip I want to make, and this is to Miami. I want to stand face to face with this man and ask him why. Why cant you just get a job like I have? Why can’t you do things honestly?"

Detective Sandra Valdes: "We all have family. It could be any one of us."
Detective Valdes is determined to help David get his Rolex back. In the meantime, David continues his fight. His fight for life, and his fight for justice.

David Westerfield: "I need help. I’m not going to beg from my neighbors. I’ve got to take care of this."

If you have any information on this suspect, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.