MIAMI (WSVN) - A man is recalling when he and his husband were battered and robbed by a mob of teenagers riding bicycles in Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood as they returned from a night out last year.

Mike Sheridan and his husband David Castro were severely injured in November 2020 after, Sheridan said, a mob of teenagers riding bicycles attacked them as they headed home from a night out in the Edgewater area.

“When you literally have 15 guys coming after you, it’s terrifying,” Sheridan said. “You can see a pool of my own blood in the street.”

Sheridan reached out to tell his story after he saw a recent 7News report about a man who was also attacked by teenagers riding bicycles in Miami Beach. A 13-year-old was arrested and charged with battery.

“Immediately, I was just like, ‘These are the guys,'” Sheridan said. “This is exactly what happened to us.”

Sheridan said after the night out, he discovered one of his bicycle’s tires had been stolen. Moments later, he saw a group of teenagers, and one of the group had the tire. Sheridan said he confronted them but moved on.

He and his husband would then be followed and targeted. The teenagers would steal Sheridan’s bag and wallet, and his stolen credit cards were also used.

“Just let them know, ‘I know what you did,’ kind of thing, and we just kept walking,” Sheridan said. “You don’t expect, you know, a mob of people to start hurtling bottles at you. They eventually knocked my husband to the ground, kicked the snot out of him. He came, and he smacked me on the back of the head a couple of times, and I went down.”

City of Miami Police and Fire Rescue personnel responded to the couple’s aid. They said they found Sheridan “laying on the side of the road bleeding profusely from his head.”

“It’s like being in a movie,” Sheridan said. “You’re laying at night on the ground, and there’s sirens and paramedics standing over you. It’s horrifying.”

He was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he received 20 staples to close the wound on his head. Castro had less serious injuries, but he was bruised from the attack.

The teenagers had pedaled off by the time officers arrived, and no arrests were made.

“Watching that yesterday, it’s just like it all comes back,” Sheridan said. “It’s like I knew exactly what that guy was going through.”

City of Miami Police and Miami Beach Police departments said there is no known link between the two incidents.

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