South Florida Trump fans plan ‘Deplorables Inaugural Ball’

MIAMI (WSVN) - Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration is just over a week away, and some of his South Florida supporters are planning a ball.

It’s no secret that Florida played an integral role in Trump’s victory, and so it’s no wonder that a celebration of his election is being planned here in South Florida.

“I am on fire. I mean, we’re only two weeks away,” said Evelio Medina.

Medina is the Chairman of the Deplorables Inaugural Ball. He and fellow organizers said they came up with the name of the ball from Hillary Clinton’s comments about Trump supporters on the campaign trail.

“You could put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables,” Clinton said.

Mariori De Marcos, another organizer, said the “deplorable” tag came to rally Trump supporters.

“It defined half of all Americans and in half of that America, there’s many professionals,” De Marcos said, “there’s intellectuals, there’s hard working people.”

On Thursday, two thousand tickets, starting at $500, went on sale for the event at the Ronald Reagan building in Washington, D.C. But for the founders of the group behind the ball, the Deplorables Nation, the chance to welcome Trump to the White House is priceless.

“This is for the American People,” Medina said. “If he’s successful, we’re successful.”

The ball takes place Thursday, Jan. 19, the night before Trump takes office.

Organizers said the ball is just the beginning of a movement.

“I think it’s about a celebration of a new America,” Medina said, “America that really wants to invest in itself, infrastructure, we need investment. We want people to be empowered, not just the little people, everybody.”

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