South Florida mom’s gender reveal ‘fail’ goes viral

PALMETTO BAY, Fla. (WSVN) — All Chanelle Mendoza had to do was get the opaque, confetti-filled balloon in her car so she could bring it along to her gender reveal party. But one of her sons had a different idea.

Mendoza, 29, says she doesn’t really care for gender reveals normally. But when she and her sister-in-law both found out the genders of their babies on the same day, they decided to have a party for the family.

She kept the balloon locked away in her house so her two young sons couldn’t get to it. When it was time to leave for the party, she grabbed the balloon and went to put it in the back of her car.

Mendoza’s home security camera captured what happened next: as she walked toward her SUV, one of her sons decided to use his play sword to pop the balloon, sending pink confetti flying across her driveway.

The video shows Mendoza staring in disbelief at him, who stared right back. When she asked him why he popped the balloon, she said he replied, “I wanted to see what was inside!”

To add insult to injury, their next two replacement balloons didn’t fare much better. The second balloon popped inside Party City, and the third contained just three scraps of confetti, Mendoza said.

The expecting mom posted the security camera footage to Facebook, along with the caption, “The demise of gender reveal balloon Number 1.” Her video has quickly spread on social media, with over 366,000 views so far.

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