South Florida community outraged after trapper kills alligator

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - A massive alligator turned up in a South Florida neighborhood, and some residents are taking issue with the way trappers got rid of it.

A gator trapper was called out to the Snapper Creek Townhouses community in Southwest Miami-Dade, Wednesday afternoon.

“We had a female gator that nested straight behind me,” said resident Paul Pino, “and we had some kids trying to pelt it with rocks, and it started to get really aggressive.”

Out of fear for the safety of the neighborhood kids, Pino said his neighbor called the homeowner’s association to take care of the situation, expecting authorities to transplant the alligator.

“The trapper hooked it by the neck and killed it on the spot,” said Pino.

A camera captured the trapper killing the alligator and dragging it away.

The scene was disturbing to residents who said the neighborhood is a sanctuary for wildlife.

“Gators are common here,” said Pino. “We get manatees. We get manatees here almost every day. We get a lot of geese. We’ve got a neighborhood peacock.”

Pino said the alligator had been there for some time and had never proved to be a nuisance. He said the alligator had recently laid eggs, and he believes she was protecting her nest.

“I would have liked to see them trap it humanely and put it away, and alive,” said Pino.

The HOA president told 7News that he hadn’t previously heard about the situation and that he’s now investigating, trying to find out who called in the trapper.

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