SeaWorld penguin that’s losing feathers gets designer scuba suit

ORLANDO, FLA. (WSVN) - A penguin who lost nearly all of its feathers has been given a designer scuba suit to stay nice — and stylishly — warm.

According to SeaWorld in Orlando, one of their female penguins is losing her feathers, so they called on a designer to make her a custom skin suit to help regulate her temperature.

According to a park expert, it’s common for penguins in the wild and in captivity to lose their feathers. However, it can cause them harm if left alone.

“We’re hoping the wet suit will be able to take the place of what the feathers would provide,” said SeaWorld aviculturist TJ Dray. “Feathers aren’t there, but the wet suit will be there. It’s going to keep her warm, especially in the water. Penguins live almost three quarters of their life in the water, and now with that wet suit, she’s going to be in there and be able to keep warm.”

The suit was made to mimic the penguin’s natural feather coat, which will allow her to swim, eat and sleep naturally.

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