Possible plea deal delay hovers over Javier Perez case

MIAMI (WSVN) - An accused DUI driver who plowed her car into a South Florida principal has delayed a plea deal.

For over a year, Javier Perez, who is the principal at South Dade High School, has prayed for closure in his case that has taken a physical and mental toll on him. Now, the driver who hit Perez, causing him to lose both legs, Marilyn Aguilera, may delay a plea deal from prosecutors.

However, Aguilera’s attorney, Ana Davide, said outside court, Monday, this is not a delay. “This isn’t an issue of trying to delay this matter,” she said. “This is an issue of her understanding and being able to move forward with her life.”

When asked how she will resolve the case by Friday, Davide said, “I’m gonna do my very best.”

There was an initial concern regarding Aguilera delaying the case, which prompted the State to offer her a plea deal with four years in prison, which is below the State’s guideline of seven years. The plea is supposed to be finalized on Friday.

Aguilera recently received a new attorney, as well.

“She had this late date and now wants to change who her lawyer is,” said prosecutor Lauren Adams. “That’s certainly her call to make, but is not my intention to keep the plea offer, which is under the guidelines.”

Davide said there are things that need to be resolved before a plea deal can be accepted.

“I can’t do miracles. She has no medical records in the file. I mean there’s issues. There’s things that need to be resolved. Things that we need to do,” Davide said.

Prosecutors have said that if the defense attempts to delay the plea deal, then prosecutors will take it off the table.

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