Man arrested in fatal beating of dog in Miami Beach

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Police have arrested a man after, they said, he beat his dog to death in Miami Beach.

7News cameras captured 20-year-old Woody Pierre as he arrived at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, Thursday evening.

According to investigators, officers received a 911 call Thursday afternoon regarding a man beating a dog outside an apartment complex. Upon their arrival to the scene at 1619 Meridian Avenue, officers discovered the animal dead in the courtyard.

“Animals are purely defenseless. They have no way to protect themselves, especially a puppy,” said Miami Beach Police Officer William Collado.

Witnesses said the dog was tied up to a fence, and they saw the suspect stomping on the 7-month-old Labrador mix, called Lucy, before going into an apartment.

Charles Managarpin, an area resident, said he witnessed the attack from his balcony next door. “I saw the guy beating the dog. I couldn’t just let it happen,” he said.

He then called 911. “I was holding myself back from doing anything stupid, and [I] just figured I’d get the police involved, ’cause I’m not a cop, so let them handle that,” said Managarpin.

Officers blocked off the courtyard of the apartment complex, located just feet away from Lincoln Road Mall, while they investigated. Cameras captured the deceased canine covered by a towel.

Police took Pierre into custody and questioned him for hours before they booked him. Officials said they also found a small amount of marijuana in his pocket.

Investigators said the suspect beat his dog because she made a mess in his apartment.

“He seemed real friendly with his dog, played with his dog,” said one resident who asked not to be identified. “It kind of surprises me.”

Another resident said the crime is so disturbing, he is even considering moving. “To beat a dog, he can beat a human being,” he said. “I’ve been here 13 years, and I’ve never had any trouble here, and I love this place, but after this, I’ve got to find another place.”

“I’m hoping whatever charges he has to face, he gets it,” said Managarpin.

Pierre is facing one charge of animal cruelty and one charge of marijuana possession. He remains behind bars on $6,000 bond.

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