LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA, Fla. (WSVN) — A first-time fisherman got an unexpected Father’s Day present when he reeled in a 300-pound shark off the coast of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Sunday.

The group was on board the Lady Pamela II, a fishing charter boat, about three miles from shore, when they spotted the marine predator in the water. “We saw the fin circling around, just like the [Jimmy] Buffett song, and he went and took the bait and started running,” said fisherman Kevin Ingram.

They threw in some big bait and earned some serious bragging rights.

Mabrey Ingram recounted the moment her father caught the shark. “She actually took a video, and when she stopped it, it was in [midair],” he said.

The boat’s captain said he positioned the vessel to enable Kevin to reel in the shark. “The customer saw a fin in the surface, and I just spun the boat around, got in front of it, waited a couple minutes. Boom! Got him on,” said Marc Wyckoff. “An hour and 20 minutes later, we got some happy customers.”

Kevin said the reward was well worth the effort. “I had to work on Father’s Day. I’m happy I got to catch it,” he said.

The jaw-dropping catch was almost nine feet long, a rarity for Wyckoff. “I’ve been doing this 23 years, and like I tell my customers, I can count all the makos I’ve caught on one hand,” he said.

It was a great way for this family to remember their first fishing trip, with a gift way better than the standard Father’s Day tie. “First time out, so beginner’s luck, but I’ll be back,” said Kevin. “Great Father’s Day present.”

Wyckoff said they were already having a pretty good day on the water. The Ingrams had caught kingfish and bonitas before snagging the shark.

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