Nonprofit rescues local dogs left abandoned after Irma

DAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) - A generous organization is extending a helping hand to South Florida animals left all alone in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

David Langman with the nonprofit animal rescue Guardians of Rescue said a dog in Miami-Dade County that was severely injured during the storm was in really bad shape when he found he. “The dog was laying here, and he almost looked dead,” Langman said. “Yeah, he was a pretty messed up dog.”

7News cameras captured caretakers rendering aid to the canine, called Duke.

Langman was among the first to find Duke at a home in North Miami Beach, after area resident Billie Jo Proulx called for help. “I’m the one that saved the dog’s life,” said Proulx.

Proulx said Duke and three other dogs had been locked inside a trailer before the storm. “Two big ones were in the cages and two of them were out of the cage,” said Proulx. “No food, no water, no AC on.”

At some point, the canines escaped, and that’s when, Langman said a camper shell fell on Duke. The other dogs attacked him, as he was pinned and helpless for days.

“He had bite wounds that were days old. The wounds were extremely infected,” said Langman.

Guardians of Rescue quickly carried Duke to safety and got him to an animal hospital. The dog was brought in for treatment on Sept. 13. At that point, he wasn’t even able to walk.

Just over a week later, caretakers said, Duke has been making a remarkable recovery.

As for those who left Duke and the three other dogs to fend for themselves during the hurricane, North Miami Beach has launched an investigation into the matter. Investigators said there could be felony charges in this case.

Proulx said she finds it hard to believe someone could abandon these animals. “I just don’t even know,” said the resident.

Nobody was home when 7News came back to the trailer where the animals were left behind.

Guardians of Rescue, a group of volunteers traveling the country to save animals in distress, ensured all of these abandoned dogs were taken to a safe place.

“If anyone would like to help out with any of these vet’s bills, or any of these dogs we’ve saved, go to and please donate,” said Langman.

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