Man attacked by 3 pit bulls remains in critical condition

LAUDERHILL, FLA. (WSVN) - A man was walking around a Lauderhill neighborhood when he was attacked by three pit bulls.

Fifty-five-year-old Tony Elliot was walking along Northwest Fourth Court, Saturday night, Lauderhill Police said, when three pit bulls escaped from their cages. Those dogs then attacked Elliot, who suffered severe injuries to his face and legs.

“He was just mauled by these dogs. He was just mauled,” said Elliot’s mother, Shirley Ace.

According to Animal Control officials, this is the third attack involving the dogs.

“His legs is all bit up, and they wrapped from the toe, all the way up to the knee,” said Ace. “It almost took off his nose.”

Authorities said the dogs are usually kept in cages, but all three had somehow managed to escape and attack Elliot.

A neighbor, Greg Brown, said he tried to warn Elliot as he walked past the dogs.

“I was telling him, I said, ‘Listen, back up,’ as soon as I pulled up because I know about the dogs,” Brown said. “I said back up, but he was too busy. I guess he thought he knew them like that. telling them, you know, ‘Shut up.'”

Brown stepped in to help, but the dogs soon turned on him as well.

“I ran over there with one of the two-by-fours on the back of my trailer I got sticking up,” said Brown. “It hit the dog, and when I hit him, he looked at me and turned back and ran at me. I had to run.”

The owner has been cited by Animal Control officials and voluntarily surrendered the pit bulls. Ace said she hopes they don’t come back.

“To get that way from a dog – I don’t know how to feel, I really don’t,” said Ace. “I know these people that the dogs belong to – and I don’t want to say anything to hurt them – but the dogs should’ve been gone a long time, I think, because there’s small kids in that house.”

The victim was transported to Broward Health Medical Center and later moved to the Intensive Care Unit, where police said he remains in serious condition, Monday.

The three pit bulls are being quarantined at Broward County Animal Control Services as the investigation continues.

The owner has signed a waiver permitting the dogs be euthanized after the investigation.

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