COCONUT GROVE, FLA. (WSVN) - - A Coconut Grove family had a scary night after they found an iguana in their home Monday.

Camilla Hire said she was putting her son to bed when she walked into his bathroom and saw the iguana inside the toilet.

“The lizard popped out with its claws and its face,” said Hire.

The scaly visitor sat there inside the toilet staring right back at her.

“I screamed, shut the door, then jumped on the bed,” said Hire.

She immediately called her husband, Oliver.

“My wife essentially saying there’s a reptile coming out of the bathroom and that I need to run home as quickly as possible,” said Oliver. “It was confronted with pair of barbecue tongues for my wife and a scene out of Jurassic Park in our bathroom, so it definitely spiced up a Monday evening.”

Oliver was unable to get the iguana out, so they called an expert.

Harold Rondan, with Iguana Lifestyles, made quick work of the problem the next morning.

“They’re considered an invasive species,” said Rondan.

The lizard was removed from their home, and no one was hurt. The Hires said they’re going to be a little extra cautious.

“Double look,” she said.

“… and have Harold on standby,” he said.

According to Rondan, these iguanas can get inside your house by crawling into a roof vent or an event pipe on top of your roof. To prevent this, he said to have those pipes covered.

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