FDOT having drivers travel on I-75 shoulder to escape Irma

(WSVN) - The Florida Department of Transportation is allowing drivers evacuating the state to use the shoulder on portions of I-75 to make the clogged highways go faster.

FDOT and the Florida Highway Patrol says they have implemented a limited Emergency Shoulder Use (ESU) plan for Hurricane Irma evacuations. Drivers from Wildwood to the Georgia state line will be able to use the left shoulder only when directed by law enforcement and highway signs.

However, officials said they cannot turn southbound lanes into northbound traffic.

“Contraflow blocks essential southbound lanes needed to bring supplies to shelters and families in the southern part of the state,” they wrote. “Contraflow also inhibits emergency vehicles from reaching people in need, and removes law enforcement from critical life safety tasks.”

The ESU plan is only being used on I-75, and only on the left shoulder; officials said right-shoulder use is prohibited.

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