Chain saw-wielding nun honored by former Heat player

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - A nun who used a chain saw to cut down trees after Hurricane Irma was honored by a former member of the Miami Heat.

At a pep rally in Southwest Miami-Dade, Sister Ann was surprised by Miami Heat Legend Shane Battier with the multiple Miami Heat gifts, as well as a check for charity.

“I love basketball, I just love it with a passion,” she said.

If you don’t remember, Sister Ann is a nun who went viral after Hurricane Irma when she was captured on camera cutting down trees in her full nun attire, clearing roads so vehicles could pass.

“I think we need the joy of knowing that there’s goodness out there and that there are people who really care about others,” said Sister Ann.

Battier saw the video and wanted to show her his appreciation.

“It was awesome. How could you not be inspired by seeing a sister with a chain saw clearing the street?” said Battier.

Sister Ann is the principal at Arch-Bishop Coleman Carroll High School, and she said she was just doing what God called her to do.

“All I wanted to do was clear the road and make it safer for all the people,” she said. “I still don’t know why it went so viral. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

“We got her here under the ruse that it was a pep rally for the school, which it was,” Battier said. “I think she was a little embarrassed, but it was awesome.”

Sister Ann was given Miami Heat tickets, a $5,000 check and an official NBA watch.

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