Burned dog rescued from West Palm Beach house on the mend

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A chained up dog was found beaten and bruised, and investigators are now blaming his West Palm Beach owners for the abuse.

The dog, named Mooky, was branded and continues to suffer from burn wounds, but his life was saved thanks to a local vet and an animal outreach group, Thursday.

“What human being can do this to a dog?” said Elisa Pelaez with Pet House Clinic. “He’s like a gentle giant.”

The clinic said this is one of the more serious animal abuse cases that they have seen. “That is a third to fourth degree burns,” Pelaez said. “I mean, you can die from that.”

He was rescued from his home in West Palm Beach after a good Samaritan called police. They also said that he was chained outside with no food or water for several days.

After investigators retrieved Mooky, he was transported to the Miami Beach clinic.

“If you leave him outside, that the good Samaritan didn’t come to his rescue, he probably would have been dead,” Pelaez said.

Mooky has since been recovering over the last few weeks, and he’s hoping for a second chance in a loving home. “I’m going to rehabilitate him to go back into society and to get a good family to adopt him,” Pelaez said.

The friendly canine has yet to undergo surgery, so the clinic staff has set up a crowd funding campaign.

If you’d like to help or adopt Mooky, go here.

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