TAMARAC, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida woman has growing concerns over an alligator that’s been seen multiple times in her neighborhood in Tamarac.

On Sunday an alligator was spotted near Northwest 67th after 5 p.m. along Hiatus Road.

Ashdale Riley couldn’t believe her eyes as she pulled out her phone to record what she was seeing in front of her.

“I said ‘Did I just see an alligator or what,'” said Ashdale Riley.

She sure did see an alligator. Riley took a video of the alligator on the road that is quickly becoming a road hazard for drivers.

“I saw traffic swerving towards the right, down Hiatus [Road] going south, I said ‘What’s going on out there,'” said Riley

The alligator wasn’t aggressive but Riley said it looked like it was enjoying itself as it took its time crossing the road.

“Laid across the street, having its own time, doing its own thing I guess,” said Riley. “So I got scared, not knowing what to do.”

Riley used caution and stayed in her car while recording the alligator on her phone.

“Look at that tail, oh my God,” said Riley on the video.

The alligator eventually crosses the road but Riley tells 7News she is worried because this isn’t the first time she has spotted the animal.

She wants others in the neighborhood to be aware of what they could see out on the road.

“It is scary, nobody wants to be in the same space as a big reptile, and you’re endangering lives,” said Riley. “That’s why I called channel seven because channel seven is the best.”

Riley hopes coming forward will help get the alligator relocated to a safer environment.

“I hope that the relevant authorities will come in and try to do something. I’m not saying to harm the animal, but they can come in and probably put a trap,” said Riley.

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