Broward school resource officers take bleeding control kit training in Weston

WESTON, FLA. (WSVN) - - School resource officers from across Broward County spent their day learning how to use new bleeding control kits currently being installed in public and charter schools across the county.

The training course, which took place at Cypress Bay High School in Weston on Wednesday, aimed to ensure the law enforcers became familiarized with this new tool that has the potential to make a difference during emergency situations.

“We’re cutting down that time. Time is of the essence,” said Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony.

Tony said the kits, along with this training, will help save lives.

“A large volume of these victims at these mass casualty events are dying from survivor injuries,” said Tony. “Maybe an injury to the arm, where there’s a major arterial bleed, or leg.”

They’re bleeds that, Tony said, could have been treated and possibly saved lives.

“Well, if we know that these numbers are realistic, then it’s important for us to have, not only the training, but the equipment available so that we can do what we can to mitigate the loss of life,” said Tony.

In August, the Broward Sheriff’s Office purchased more than 10,000 bleed control kits. A portion of them were acquired through the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Grant Program, which was created in Feis’ honor following the Parkland shooting.

Inside the kits are gauze, tourniquets and other medical supplies crucial in responding to a mass casualty event.

The goal, Tony said, is to have each public and charter school in Broward equipped with the kits by the holidays.

“It’s not just about the training aspect, in terms of how to use the equipment, but a reminder for every law enforcement officer, firefighter and rescuer in Broward County that should something bad happen, there’s a high probability that we’re all going to be working together,” said Tony, “so we can start this process right now, start that type of relationship building. We’re all using the same equipment. We’re all working together. When bad things happen, we’re going to perform a hell of a lot better than normal.”

Every school resource officer left Cypress with a kit. Every BSO deputy on patrol has one with them in their car or on their person.

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