Broward school official’s ‘flasher’ office party costume sparks controversy, district probe

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - What one Broward County school official wore to an office party has created controversy and led the school district to investigate.

“Take it off” chants can be heard in cellphone video posted to Facebook of the gathering, held at the Broward County School District’s office building.

Mary Coker, director of procurement and warehousing services, is seen wearing a black trench coat, sunglasses and a top hat.

Moments later, she is seen opening the coat to reveal a sheer body suit of a nude woman. Revelers are then seen erupting in cheers.

Coker makes it clear in the video that it’s not a Halloween party, and it was just for fun.

“I understand and respect that some people don’t celebrate Halloween, and that’s perfectly fine,” she is heard saying in the video. “It’s more of just dress up as whatever … just come together and have a good time.”

The party is not what’s at issue. It’s what Coker wore that has some saying she used poor judgment.

Although her body suit is just a costume, drawn-on breasts and body hair are clearly visible.

The Facebook post claims the “flasher” costume was part of a contest. A still image shows another participant dressed as Wonder Woman and another dressed as a sumo wrestler standing next to Coker.

Broward County Public School spokesperson Cathleen Brennan released a statement that reads, “A photograph of Mary Coker, director of procurement and warehousing services, wearing an inappropriate Halloween costume at work was brought to the district’s attention. The district is following protocols under Police 4.9 – Corrective Action.”

The school board’s special investigative unit will look into the matter and will give the school board a recommendation as to what should happen to Coker. In the meantime, she has been placed on notice.

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