CORAL GABLES, FLA. (WSVN) - Can you sweat underwater? Well, now you can find out with a new type of exercise in Coral Gables.

Spin classes are no joke but spinning underwater? It’s unheard of.

“Basically, what aqua cycling is, it’s a brand new fitness craze that just came here,” said aqua cycling trainer Chris Miranda. “Basically, the benefits we get in the water is you burn anywhere between 300 to 800 calories.”

Thanks to the Waterbiking Studio in Coral Gables, the European exercise is now available in Miami.

“I think this is so amazing,” said trainer Kat Presno. “This is so beneficial in the sense of you’re doing something great for your body, and you’re not hurting it.”

“This actually started as a rehabilitation process and then turned into a fitness craze because of the results we started seeing,” Miranda said.

Often referred to as a marriage between yoga and cycling, aqua cycling will get you a mean sweat while getting you wet. “This is the first time that I’ve actually sweated while being in the pool,” said enthusiast Roxanne Martin. “I actually was throwing water on my face, and it helped out. It was very cool because I had never experienced something like that.”

Miranda described the mindset of an aqua cycler. “Because you’re so focused on the actual workout, you don’t even stop to think that you’re sweating,” Miranda said. “Why? Because you’re also having fun.”

And it’s not just your legs that get the workout.

“I think I have a six-pack right now,” said Martin. “It was pretty intense.”

Something about the sport has those giving it a try falling in love. “You’re in the pool, and you’re doing it with so many good people, and the vibe is just awesome,” said Presno.

“I’m a college athlete, I play baseball, and this is by far the best workout that I’ve ever had,” said Luis Corralas.

However, one question that you may be asking: Do people really pee in the pool?

“I don’t know,” said Presno in a fit of laughter. “If they do it, I mean what am I gonna say? Do we tell them the whole blue dye thing?”

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