Apple fans line up for hours in Miami Beach for new iPhone X

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Folks lined up for hours in Miami Beach to get their hands on the new iPhone X after the phone went up for sale Friday morning.

“I always loved Apple, and I try to buy every iPhone on the launch date,” said Apple customer Tiago from Brazil.

Tiago’s not alone. Tech fanatics were up early to stand in line – even camp out – from dusk to dawn in anticipation for the new phone.

“I bit right into the apple of curiosity,” said A.C. Kelly, who waited hours in line for his new phone.

“It looks awesome. I’m totally stoked right now,” said another iPhone user.

The iPhone is now in its 10th year and comes equipped with tons of new features.

“The face ID is really nice that I can unlock just with my face,” said Tiago. “The screen is really large, and there are no borders, so it’s good because you almost feel like you’re not holding a phone. Just a screen.”

The phone is now all surface, has no home button and charges wirelessly. Users can also send new “animojis.”

The phone’s camera also has a portrait feature that blurs the background of photos and has new lighting features.

“It’s so exciting, this new technology. I just want to be the first to have some of it,” said iPhone user Rocky Zadok.

“Very excited and very happy. I’m going back to Moscow with two beautiful iPhones X,” said Alexander, who came all the way from Russia for the new smartphone.

Alexander and other iPhone users capped off their vacation in Miami Beach with the new iPhone that, they said, would cost them double the price and double the wait back at home.

“A lot more in Brazil, it’s shocking. That’s no way to buy it,” said Natalia Bisson, who traveled from Brazil for the new smartphone.

“In Moscow, as I read today, it was a line about three days standing under the snow, rain, wind,” said Alexander.

“More, more expensive,” said Samuel Bobadilla from Chile.

The very first iPhone was released in 2007 for $499. Ten years later, the iPhone X costs almost $1000.

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