2017 Ultra Music Fest kicks off in Downtown Miami

MIAMI (WSVN) - The nights in Downtown Miami belong to Ultra throughout this weekend, as thousands of people continue to make their way to Bayfront Park for the popular music festival.

7’s Skyforce HD hovered above the venue, Friday afternoon, as a bass-hungry sea of revelers from all over the world awaited the start of the first of three nights of sets from about 200 musical acts across seven stages.

Attendees could not contain their excitement. “I’m pumped up, man,” said one man.

“We’re just here. We’re hyped. We’re ready to roll,” said a man who flew in from Philadelphia.

The reveler, who was wearing a red Phillies tank top, was standing next to a group who had traveled to Miami from Washington, D.C.

“We’re all going to get it,” said one man from the D.C. group.

When asked what he feels about all the political events that unfolded in the nation’s capital on Friday, the man replied, “This is way better.”

One man visiting from Europe seemed to have a more dialed-down attitude about the popular event. “We’re just waiting for it to explode after the opening,” he said.

Hours later, as the music thumped across Ultra’s stages, a man wearing an Egyptian headdress and heavy eyeliner told 7News, “This party is amazing.”

The woman standing next to the pharaoh wannabe wore a faux police hat inscribed with the words “Babe Patrol.” She assured 7News she would not be taking anyone into custody.

Performer Henri PFR did his best to make himself heard over Ultra’s ultra-loud sounds as he spoke about combining different kinds of pop music. “We can mix together all kinds of sounds,” he said.

The screams among revelers were aplenty, and almost as loud as the beats, as performing DJ’s turned Miami into “Boomtown.”

One reveler really got into the spirit of the event when she put her arm around 7News reporter Shedon Fox and asked him, “Are you having a good time?”

“Yes, are you?” replied Fox.

“I’m having a great time,” she said.

Organizers said they are taking security and attendees’ safety seriously. They have several teams in place to respond in case of medical emergencies in partnership with Baptist Hospital.

Though the event was said to have gone smoothly Friday night, City of Miami Fire Rescue transported several people from the event for what was described as minor medical treatment, including a man who, officials said, got into a fight with a firefighter. The firefighter was treated at the scene but not transported.

Officials have put road detours in place until Monday morning. Biscayne Boulevard will not be closed, but police will be diverting traffic around Downtown to Northeast Fourth Street and Second Avenue.

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