2 buildings in Miami evacuated after partial collapse of crane

MIAMI (WSVN) - Police and rescue crews evacuated residents of two buildings in Miami, Tuesday, after a crane partially collapsed during Hurricane Irma and has yet to be secured.

According to officials, the buildings are located at 479 NE 30th St. and 505 NE 30th St., across from the Gran Paraiso construction site, where the collapsed crane is located.

On Sunday, Irma battered a construction crane at Northeast 30th Terrace in Downtown Miami, causing it to snap off and dangle high above the ground.

“I personally feel a little uncomfortable about it,” said another resident. “My options is to stay with family or to rent a hotel, which supposedly Plaza Construction is going to reimburse us for — all the tenants.”

7Skyforce HD hovered above the structures as crews evacuated residents.

Thirty-six units have been asked to leave. However, residents can stay as long as they know a construction crane could fall at any time.

Whether or not the crane will fall or where it could land remains unknown.

“So, for their safety and the safety of their families, we came out here to encourage them to voluntarily evacuate the building until the crane can be properly secured,” said Miami Fire Rescue Capt. Ignatius Carroll.

The displaced residents have not been informed on when they can return to their building.

“We’re in the dark. We don’t know what’s going on,” said a third resident. “We just came out of a hurricane like everybody else in Miami, and we’re frustrated.”

Plaza Construction, the general contractor, has been notified that there are available hotel rooms in the areas for evacuees.

Officials will begin securing the crane, Wednesday, but there is no telling how long it might take.

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