(WSVN) - The party is over for a South Florida mansion turned wedding venue. Brian Entin has an update to a 7News investigation.

Wedding announcer (in cellphone video): “If you think the bride looks so beautiful this evening, make some noise!”

This is video from a homeowner’s backyard in a Southwest Miami-Dade neighborhood, where loud weddings were happening almost every weekend.

Wedding announcer (in cellphone video): “Party! Cheers!”

The parties were at the Miller Plantation, a beautiful estate with lush gardens and a colonial-style home.

The area is zoned residential, but Miami-Dade County says the owners were illegally using the property as a wedding venue.

Neighbors complained about the noise and the traffic.

Kristen Ordonez, neighbor: “You can hear it at night. You can almost sometimes feel the windows vibrating from the sound of the music.”

Back in March, we went to check it out for ourselves.

Party preps were well underway.

Brian Entin, March 2019: “I’m Brian Entin. I’m from Channel 7. Is there a wedding happening here?”

Manager, March 2019: “Yes.”

Brian Entin: “The county has said no more weddings.”

Manager: “You can’t film.”

Miami-Dade County fined the property owners nine different times.

But the weddings did not stop, so the county sued, and 7News investigated.

We saw the parking lot, the caterers, bartenders setting up and floral arrangements.

Weeks later, the owners finally agreed to stop the weddings.

Cindy Hoskin, Miami-Dade County: “The settlement was agreed upon by both the county and the property owners.”

The owners paid the county $6,338 to cover the cost of the code compliance officers repeated visits plus $2,500 in attorney’s fees, and if they violate the agreement with another wedding, they will have to pay $39,662.

Brian Entin: “Based on what you know, do you think the weddings are going to stop once and for all?”

Cindy Hoskin: “My guess is yes. I would not expect that they’re going to do this again. I mean, if they do, it’s going to cost an awful lot.”

The neighbors say since the owners of the Miller Plantation signed the agreement with the county, the parties have finally stopped, and there is some peace and quiet.

They’re hoping it stays that way.


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