Hurricane Apps 2014

WSVN — You’ve heard us talk about storm cells, but this cell can be a big storm saver. 7’s Craig Steven’s has the “appsolute” must-have hurricane downloads.

Start your hurricane season preps by downloading the right apps. Home Zada helps inventory your valuables. Just put in information and take pictures of your stuff.

You can add purchase dates, costs, even keep track of warranties and owners manuals. Once you have all your items listed, print out a copy for your insurance agent.

If you don’t have a safe place to pass the storm, American Red Cross: Shelter View helps you find nearby shelters.

Just zoom into the area of the map where you’re located. The shelters visible on the map are the only ones active and open in your area. The app will be updated as a storm approaches with important information on shelter location, how many people it can hold and how many are currently there. You can also get the shelter address and driving directions.

Having your phone charged and ready during a storm is critical. Battery Doctor keeps your phone battery consumption to the minimum by disabling unnecessary apps that drain your battery.

It shows you which applications are using the most power, and gives you an accurate countdown to how much battery time remains. So even if power goes out, you can keep the maximum amount of battery life to help you weather the storm.

Craig Stevens, 7News.

All of today’s apps are free to download.


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American Red Cross: Shelter View

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