Christmas break is just ahead and that means your children will be home for the holidays. 7s Belkys Nerey shows us some fun ways to keep the little ones entertained in tonight’s Style File.

WSVN — Holidays are for family and for food but if you’re tired of doing all the cooking and cleaning take the kids to “Pizza Dude” in Miami Beach.

Justin Gould-Owner: “Let the parents be able to sit back and let the restaurant give them some sort of entertainment.”

Aspiring little chefs put on a baker’s hat and apron ad then make their own personalized pizza.

Justin Gould-Owner: “They’ll come to the counter and they’ll tell us what they like on their pizza. We have three different dough choices. We have five sauces, five cheeses.”

With more than 40 toppings kids can get creative.

Emma Stantic: “I’m making the dessert pizza which has Nutella and banana strawberries and whip cream.”

The staff will bake your pie so no one gets burned and then it’s time to eat.

Little boy: “It’s so good because I made it.”

And the best part for parents after all that holiday entertaining?

Justin Gould-Owner: “In the holidays we plan to bring in a whole bunch of games. Come in let your kids and run wild. All the mess and all the cleaning is left up to us.”

If you’re looking for a family outing, head to Knaus Berry Farm in Homestead.

Anabel Cabrera: “Family tradition. We come here every year, no matter how long the lines are.”

Sure the lines are long but people say it’s worth the wait for the farm’s famous, ooeey-gooey cinnamon rolls.

Erika Shack: “They’re fresh, soft, warm.”

Madison Ginebra: “They are sticky and they have sugar.”

Jose Rivas: “I got one and a half dozen cinnamon rolls. It was definitely worth it.”

Spend a day at the farm relaxing and gobbling up other favorites like their cakes, pies, herb rolls and popular fruit milkshakes.

You can also buy fresh produce or pick your own produce in the fields.

Tom Blocher: “All the produce we sell, we grow ourselves. We should have U Pick tomatoes by Christmas time, we may or may not have strawberries.”

We promise it’s one sweet time for the whole family.

Jose Rivas: “It gives us an opportunity to sit down and enjoy something all together that everyone likes.”

The trick to missing the long lines at Knaus Berry is to go early during the weekdays. Again, “U-Pick Tomatoes” should be ready by Christmas and the strawberries ready to pick by the New Year,


Pizza Dude

451 W 41 Street

Miami Beach, FL 33140


Knaus Berry Farm

15980 SW 248 Street

Homestead, FL 33031


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