His Name Is Not Male?

(WSVN) - When he was born, his mother had not decided on a name, so someone decided to put down on his birth certificate that his name is Male. Now, decades later, the State of Florida won’t give him a driver’s license unless he uses the name Male. That’s when Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser got involved.

When Wilfredo was born, his mother was all alone.

Wilfredo Quiles: “I was born in New York, Manhattan, Spanish Harlem. My mom was a single parent.”

Wilfredo never met his father.

On the birth certificate by father’s name, it’s blank. And then a nurse asked his mother her newborn son’s name.

Wilfredo Quiles: “And she wasn’t prepared at that time. I was released from the hospital without my name being put on the birth certificate.”

Well, he did leave with a name on the New York City birth certificate. He is listed as Male.

Wilfredo Quiles: “Male Quiles.”

Technically he was Male. Although, his mother quickly named him.

Wilfredo Quiles: “Yes, she did know what she was going to name me. It was Wilfredo.”

And he grew up, not as Male, but as Wilfredo.

Wilfredo Quiles: “Here, they’ve called me Wilfredo Quiles. I filed my taxes, Wilfredo Quiles. I work, Wilfredo Quiles.”

His license in Alabama shows Wilfredo Quiles, his Florida license lists him as Wilfredo.

Then he went to the DMV to renew that driver’s license.

Wilfredo Quiles: “And due to the fact that my birth certificate says Male, they said I wasn’t able to obtain my driver’s license.”

Wilfredo showed the state his Social Security card, his expiring Florida driver’s license. Didn’t matter.

Since the rules have gotten stricter, Florida won’t issue a driver’s license or even an ID.

Wilfredo Quiles: “I have government checks there, income tax checks that I can’t even cash to help provide for my family because I don’t have an ID.”

Without his license, Wilfredo lost his job as a driver and can’t get another one since the state is convinced his name is Male.

Wilfredo Quiles: “I’ve given up hope sometimes. If it wasn’t for my wife, I’d probably be homeless.”

This seems absurd, but Howard, legally, what can you do about it?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News legal expert: “This started after 9/11 to make sure terrorists couldn’t hide their true identity, which is good, but the state has gone too far the other way when an American citizen cannot use their own name to get a license. Wilfredo’s best bet is to go back to New York to change his birth certificate. It’s a simple procedure, but it does take time, and Wilfredo is in a hurry to get back to work.”

And so we went to work to get Wilfredo his driver’s license. We contacted the state, and they accepted Wilfredo’s Social Security card and marriage certificate as proof of identification.

They then issued him a driver’s license.

Howard Finkelstein: “We hear from many people who cannot get a copy of their birth certificate because they do not have an ID and cannot get an ID because they don’t have a birth certificate. Fight the bureaucracy. Keep searching for an employee who has a heart. If all else fails, contact us.”

Wilfredo Quiles: “I am thankful. I appreciate you guys taking the time.”

Glad we could help Wilfredo get his driver’s license and finally get his life back on track.

Wilfredo Quiles: “I’m gonna see about seeking some employment right now, you know, now that I am able and got a valid ID and a driver’s license thanks to Help Me Howard.”

Until you don’t have an ID, you don’t realize you cannot do most things. Wilfredo couldn’t even get a COVID shot. Now he can, and we are also helping him change the name on his birth certificate so he never has this problem again.

Now, if you need a Florida birth certificate or need to change a name on yours, the link to do that is under this Help Me Howard story.

ID’d a problem you can’t solve? Lost the drive to do it? Name us to help. We have a license for that — figuratively, of course. It’s called the heart to wanna help.


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