Woman searches to find ring’s owner

(WSVN) - An honest person — there are many in South Florida, and one has contacted Channel 7. She found a beautiful diamond ring and wants to return it to the owner. Who can she trust to help her? Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

If you have ever wondered where are all the honest people, well, we found one of them.

Tessa Schut, wants to find ring’s owner: “It looks like a nice ring, and someone is probably looking for it.”

Tessa was at a mall and found this diamond ring.

Tessa Schut: “It’s gold with diamonds around it. There are very small diamonds on the top and on the bottom, all the way around. I don’t know how many. My guess is 50 smaller ones.”

Your first thought is why didn’t Tessa turn it over to a store clerk or mall security that day?

Simple — she has learned not everyone in South Florida is perfectly honest.

Tessa Schut: “I wouldn’t know if it actually was returned to the person who owned it.”

Patrick Fraser: “In other words, like many people in South Florida, you are a little skeptical and you thought someone would keep it.”

Tessa Schut: “Right.”

Tessa took the ring home, put it in a small box, placed it in a drawer and left it there.

Tessa Schut: “I never tried to sell it or anything.”

Patrick Fraser: “Why didn’t you sell it?”

Tessa Schut: “It’s not mine to sell.”

Tessa went on with her life and forgot about the ring until recently.

Tessa Schut: “I was just thinking about it and I saw one of your shows, and I thought maybe you could help me find the person who owns it.”

A gem of an idea. Find the person who wore this ring.

Tessa Schut: “Maybe personally return it to them. That way I would know for sure that they got it back, as opposed to turning it into the security guard or whoever.”

A nice diamond ring with a few details we have not told you about that only the owner would know about.

Tessa Schut: “It has an inscription written. Maybe they could tell what the inscription says or have receipts or photographs of it.”

Well Howard, Tessa wants to find the owner, but if anyone else finds it, can they just keep it?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News legal expert: “Maybe. If you find something, ideally you should notify the police. The problem is that they may want to advertise about the item and you have to pay for that ad. That’s one of the reasons some people just put the item in their pocket. Fortunately, Tessa did the right thing, and now it’s up to the owner to claim it.”

If you lost or know someone who lost this ring, we want to hear from you. Tell us what the inscription says, let us know where you lost it and when you lost it.

Tessa Schut: “It’s probably like a needle in a haystack, but at least I know I tried.”

Tried to hand the ring over to its owner.

Tessa Schut: “I have your ring. I wasn’t going to sell it. I haven’t worn it and I would like to return it.”

It would have been easy for Tessa to keep it and no one would have ever known, but that’s not how honest people think. Glad she thought of us to help find the owner. If it’s yours, let us know and we will put you in touch with Tessa.

Got a problem running rings around you? Ready to turn that diamond in the rough into a real gem? We are a stone’s throw away. And honestly, we will do our best to polish up things for you.

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