Help Me Howard

Move Basketball Goal

WSVN — A group of young kids out playing basketball in front of their homes where their parents can see. A great idea right? NotRead More

Outdated Carfax

WSVN — A South Florida woman bought a used car and even checked the Carfax report. Turns out once she made the deal, something wasRead More

Harassing Neighbor

WSVN — It was the couple’s first home, a dream come true, and then they met their next-door neighbor, who has called the police onRead More

Fundraiser for Orphans

WSVN — A South Florida church was planning a Christmas party to raise money to buy a refrigerator and beds for an orphanage in Haiti.Read More

No Disabled Accommodations

WSVN — A South Florida girl had waited months to see her favorite group, One Direction, perform at Sun Life Stadium, but her treatment beforeRead More

Teddy Bears

WSVN — She spent her life collecting teddy bears. Then she passed away and her son had an idea: to get those bears to kidsRead More

Be Thankful

Give thanks at Help Me Howard. They try to help people year round and to do that they need South Floridians to step up. TheyRead More

Power of Attorney

WSVN — When a family member gets older, sometimes they need help and give a relative the power of attorney to control their finances. That’sRead More

Cigar Smoke Pouring In

If you don’t smoke, you certainly don’t want to breathe in cigar or cigarette smoke all day. But what if your neighbor or the businessRead More