(WSVN) - They have operated their mobile car wash for six years in the city. Now, they are told they would have to leave because the city said they are not a mobile car wash. Confused? They were, and that’s why they turned to Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

For some people, work is a foul four-letter word. For Paul Morales, that four-letter word is like.

Paul Morales: “I’m a hard worker, I work every day, I take passion in what I do and they know that.”

Paul owns Super Shine Car Wash and for six years, you could find him every day at the Market Plaza in Pembroke Pines.

Paul Morales: “I like things to be, you know, perfect, clean, calm, very. I clean from the inside and outside.”

The property owner let him park here, and then one day, he got a warning letter from the city regarding the mobile car wash.

Carlene Morales: “He received, a violation and they’re going to charge him $1,000 a day. They said that we need to show our local business license.”

Carlene went down to city hall and showed their license.

Carlene Morales: “So I gave it to her, she did everything. So I thought everything was OK.”

Paul Morales: “The lady in the place said I can go back to work. Good to go.”

Paul started cleaning cars again.

A month later, Pembroke Pines sent the landlord a new warning that the car wash had to be a part of the development plan of the plaza, which is nearly impossible.

Carlene Morales: “For us to be a part of development, that means it’s a new plaza.”

Pembroke Pines also sent out people to tell Paul to get out.

Paul Morales: “Oh, no, no, no, you guys have to move. Now, now, now, now, I’m going to call the police.”

Paul left with his work van and left confused.

Carlene Morales: “We’ve been in that plaza for six years. We’ve never had any issue. So why now? What is the problem?”

Carlene couldn’t get an answer, so she drew her own conclusion about why they had to go.

Carlene Morales: “They go after certain people and certain people they leave alone and I just feel like they are sabotaging us, particularly.”

No money is coming in to pay the bills. No idea why they were kicked out.

So, is it legal, Howard?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News legal expert: “Yes, it is. This is an example of a city trying to balance regulating businesses while at the same time allowing people to make a living free of those regulations. In this case, the city is trying to control what type of businesses can operate and where. The problem for Paul, is his mobile car wash is in the same spot every day moving him into a different category and giving the city the right to regulate him.”

Pembroke Pines denied they were targeting Paul after six years at this location. That legally the city doesn’t consider them a mobile car wash because they are in the same spot every day.

Instead, Pembroke Pines calls them a manual car wash that is not allowed without a zoning variance, which can be expensive and difficult to get.

But manual car washes are only allowed at places like golf courses, car dealerships, and service stations. But Carlene says that didn’t work for them.

Carlene Morales: “And then when you go around that, it’s it’s a different story. They said it’s not allowed.”

Paul and Carlene are now giving up on Pembroke Pines and the hard-working couple are looking for a new location.

Carlene Morales: “Well, you know, if there’s anybody that would love to host us, I would love for them to give us a call.”

If you have a property and would like a reliable mobile car wash on it, Paul is ready. Let us know.

Feel soaked and washed out? Don’t want a watered-down way out? We are mobile and can come in to make a splash to leave you with a shiny solution.

With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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