(WSVN) - He was notified that the house his mother left to him was in foreclosure because he didn’t repay two loans. Except, he said, he never took out any loans, but he did find some evidence to prove who did. It’s tonight’s Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

These are some of Naomi Brown’s 11 children standing behind her portrait in a house she worked two jobs to afford.

Theodis Jones: “This is the first house that I can say my mother ever, ever owned it. You know, she never owned a house before.”

When Naomi passed away, she left the home to Theodis. Now, his brothers and sisters are afraid, and it’s about to be taken away.

Theodis Jones: “My ex-girlfriend went behind my back and took two loans off of this house without my knowledge, one for $65,001 and one for $55,000.”

Theodis found out he now owed $120,000 for the two loans when he got a knock at the door.

Theodis Jones: “Saying they were foreclosing on my property.”

As the family started doing their research, they discovered the ex-girlfriend, Adrienne McSweeney, had gone to a private lender for the loans.

Theodis Jones: “The loans in my name. It was took off the house in my name, somebody claiming to be me.”

They closed at a title company that told Theodis McSweeny and a fellow claiming to be Theodis had the deed to his house and Theodis’ drivers license, which he thought he had lost.

Theodis Jones: “The picture didn’t match.”

Theodis contacted McSweeny. He says she denied taking out the loans. When he said he was calling the police she texted, “All I ask is time to fix it. Less than eight weeks.”

Patrick Fraser: “How many weeks ago was that?”

Theodis Jones: “[Laughs] that was months ago.”

Theodis contacted the lender, the title company, the police. He said no one believed him as the date of the foreclosure on his house nears.

Theodis Jones: “It’s been a crime committed against me and the people trying to take my property.”

Patrick Fraser: “So you’re going to lose your mama’s house?”

Theodis Jones: “I don’t want to lose. Not if you helped me.”

Well, Howard, legally how do you prove you are a victim of fraud?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News legal expert: “You need evidence. Testimony in a trial would be good, but you need something tangible like documents or even more, and you need a really good attorney.”

Theodis then met with Mark Mastrarrigo to fight the foreclosure, and everything changed.

Mark Mastrarrigo: “First and foremost, we have something that you very, very rarely see. Fortunately for the Theodis, the title company had and saved videos from the closing.”

Mark got these snapshots from the video of the closing for the loan.

This is Adrienne McSweeney, Theodis’ ex-girlfriend, and this guy wearing a mask was the one claiming to be Theodis. Then he pulled the mask down to get a drink of water.

This is the person who signed for the loan. This is Theodis.

Mark Mastrarrigo: “As you’ve seen Theodis, that’s clearly not him. It’s not even close.”

Mark also hired a handwriting expert.

Here is the man impersonating Theodis’ signature. Here is Theodis’ signature.

Mark Mastrarrigo: “And she gave us her highest of highest variability. That is not Theodis’ signature.”

But the foreclosure moves closer.

Mark Mastrarrigo: “It’s a shame that Theodis has been put through this.”

As for McSweeny, she is in hiding, and we could not find her.

I spoke to the Ali Yasin, the owner of the company that loaned the money.

Both he and his daughter Rusol are convinced this is Theodis in the video. Mark disagrees.

Mark Mastrarrigo: “We know we’re going to prevail on this case. I know we’re going to get the mortgage and lien stripped.”

If the foreclosure is blocked, the lender gets their $120,000 back from the title insurance they bought.

Miami-Dade Police are now investigating the case.

Theodis Jones: “Yes, I’m very happy, and I can sleep better tonight.”

If Mark wins in court, no one will be happier than Theodis that his mother’s home will still be Theodis’ home.

Theodis Jones: “Very few attorneys would do what Mark did for me and my family, and I thank him.”

Mark is now asking a judge to dismiss the foreclosure and the lein for the $120,000 placed on Theodis’ house.

We will let you know plus if police file any charges in this case.

Someone liening on you? Afraid of losing? Lender to us to see if we can foreclose on your headache.

With this Help me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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