(WSVN) - The coronavirus has upended life for thousands of people, and in the case of one South Florida woman, it cancelled her wedding. Can she get her money back? Can a local government ban someone from their own property? Let’s bring in Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

When Matthew wanted to go out with Nina, she resisted at first.

Nina Stojadinovich: “But he was persistent, and he won my heart and bought me a lot of tacos.”

A year ago, he proposed, and the wedding was scheduled for May.

Nina Stojadinovich: “I was super happy and excited to get married on the beach.”

Then, you-know-what turned everyone’s life upside down.

Nina Stojadinovich: “Then, unfortunately, I had to cancel my wedding due to it.”

The hotel and hairdresser quickly returned Nina’s money.

The DJ said no way.

The caterer said no, as that dream wedding turned into a disaster.

Nina Stojadinovich: “I cried today at work. I literally cry everyday, everyday since it happened.”

Well, Howard, if you have to cancel a wedding, a party, any event because of the coronavirus, can you get your money back?

Howard Finkelstein: “If the emergency order blocks the person or company from doing their job, you get your money back. In this case, everyone has to return Nina’s money. Only the caterer has wiggle room because their contract allows the customer to change the date of the wedding. If Nina doesn’t do that, she doesn’t get her money back.”

Even though the disc jockey is legally required to return the money, Jon Arnold told us he would not give it back.

The caterer had a heart.

Al Marinas from Marinas Catering told us even though he didn’t think Nina was entitled to a refund, he was returning her money.

The only question now is, what about the wedding?

Nina Stojadinovich: “It’s all up in the air. I have no idea what’s going to happen from day to day.”

From Broward, let’s head to the Keys, or try to.

Danny Fuentes, Office Express Supply: “This is my home. A second home, but it is mine.”

Danny’s family is in the office supply business.

After a long week, they like to go to their house in the Keys to relax.

Danny Fuentes: “We go down usually on a Friday evening, and come back Sunday later afternoon.”

When the coronavirus hit, only residents and property owners were allowed in.

But Daniel could not go to his house because it’s in his corporations name and not his own name.

Danny Fuentes: “A corporation is an entity, and an entity is an individual, and I am the corporation.”

Daniel was told if the power or water bill was in his name, he could come in, but it’s all under his corporation’s name, meaning he is out of luck.

Daniel Fuentes: “We all have to stay safe. It’s very important right now, but I don’t see how anybody can legally hold me back from going to my own property that I own.”

Well, can a property owner be blocked from checking on their house because it’s in their corporation’s name instead of their own name?

Howard Finklestein: “I don’t believe so. In my opinion, corporations have the same right to maintain and protect their property as an individual does.”

When we spoke to Monroe County attorney Bob Shillinger, he said he was drawing up an amendment to allow corporate owners like Daniel to go to their properties.

All Daniel had to do was fill out the paperwork proving he owned the corporation.

Daniel Fuentes: “Yes, very excited. I will be there this weekend.”

Good news for Daniel, who can now check on his house in the Keys.

Daniel Fuentes: “Thank you, Patrick, and thank you. Howard. for helping me in this situation to be able to go into my property.”

Monroe County’s original reasoning for denying owners access to their property was that most of those houses would be rented to tourists to come in and out, and potentially bringing the coronavirus with them.


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