For many years, green products such as recycled paper towels cost more, but in tonight’s Money Monday, Lynn Martinez shows us there are ways to help the planet and save money.

WSVN — Leanette Fernandez: “We really should be doing what we can everyday to save money and to help the Earth as well.”

Leanette Fernandez has made a career out of saving, but the mom of two also knows the importance of being Earth friendly.

Leanette Fernandez: “I’m teaching my kids good lessons. I’m teaching them to care for the Earth and to be more mindful of the spending.”

With a few easy tips you can save some green while helping the environment. We all have to clean but those cleaning products at the store can get pricey and some are not great for the planet.

Leanette Fernandez: “You can use stuff like lemon juice and baking soda, and vinegar to make your own cleaning products.”

Just mix them with a little water and start cleaning. Electronics are a no-no for the trash because they contain harmful metals, but you can get metal coins by recyling them.

Leanette Fernandez: “Some websites allow you to turn in your items and they pay you for them or you can also donate them and they go to good causes.”

And forget the paper invites or greeting cards, go high-tech with an e-card or e-vite.

Leanette Fernandez: “Although they’re nice and they’re great memories, a lot of people are not keeping them. You’re saving money on postage as well.”

Everyone has reusable shopping bags skip the gift wrapping aisle, use the re-usable bags to wrap gifts.

Leanette Fernandez: “What’s great is when they go to the store, they re-use it again. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and it also helps the environment as well.”

Find the little changes that work for you and go with it.

Leanette Fernandez: “I think we need to all be mindful of how we spend our money. These easy changes fit any lifestyle.”

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