Foodie Apps

WSVN — No matter if you like to dine out or create in your own kitchen, we have the apps that will make your taste buds pop. Craig Stevens on todays appsolute must-have downloads.

If you have the taste buds of a food critic and an on camera personality, Tastemade can be your platform. The app allows you to create short video reviews of your dining experience. With an easy format, you can shoot, produce, edit and star in your own videos.

The key is to be creative, informative and to share them with friends. And remember, wish everyone bon appétit.

Get out your cutting boards and fire up the oven; SideChef will have home chefs creating new and exciting dishes. Just follow the step-by-step guide because the recipes have pictures, directions and a voice assistant so there is no way you will burn tonight’s dinner.

The app even suggests dishes based on the ingredients you already have.

And for a between meal snack, FoodieTV lets you learn all about food. It features interesting short videos about food and travel. Learn about what is new in the industry and even where your food comes from.

With five new weekly episodes, you can watch while eating your home cooked meal. Which I’m sure will be app-solutely delicious.

Craig Stevens, 7News.

All of today’s apps are free to download.