WSVN — Saving money is at the top of everyone’s list for the new year. In tonight’s Dollars and Sense, Lynn Martinez shows us how one program is helping you save at all your favorite places!

Everyone loves getting rewarded for being a loyal customer, but some reward programs require you to print a coupon or carry that reward card everywhere.

The FiveStars program is changing that and getting five star reviews from South Florida customers and businesses!

Stefano Versace, Versace Gelateria: “FiveStars is a great reward program that helps us keep in touch with our clients, identify our VIP clients.”

Store owners love the program because it shows them which customers are coming back.

Rosemary Diaz, Cantina Fresh Mex Grill: “It allows us to have insight into our customer’s visits and allows us to re-attract them to come back to us.”

Hint! Hint! In order for businesses to “re-attract” customers, you get rewards!

They’re stored right on the account and automatically applied to your purchase — no coupons needed — leaving you feeling like a VIP.

Rachel Vokaty, FiveStars customer: “You do feel a little special and it’s rewarding at the end of the day.”

The rewards are endless.

Stefano Versace: “We give different rewards. Gelato free with nine points, we give 10 percent off or buy one, get one for free.”

Yandy Plasencia, FiveStars customer: “It’s beneficial because I accumulate points and every two weeks I get a free meal.”

On top of the awesome savings, you can use the same reward account for all kinds of businesses.

Jean Marco Bendezu, FiveStars City Manager: “Grab your coffee in the morning, maybe go to the restaurant in the afternoon use the same FiveStars card, then in the afternoon, maybe you go to a boutique or a retail establishment and you can do the same there.”

Rewarding customer’s for the things they already buy!

Rosemary Diaz: “It’s a no brainer. They’re going to get free items, they’re going to come here anyway. You might as well get something free while you’re here.”

Rachel Vokaty: “It’s great! I’m going to be using it everywhere now.”

Leaving everyone with the sweet taste of savings in their mouth.

Rachel Vokaty: “I enjoy my gelatos!”

There are more than 200 businesses in South Florida that are a part of the FiveStars reward program.

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