The Fast & Furious franchise has been one heck of a high octane ride but what first got its motor running 1-2-3-4-5 & now 6 — is a love story.

Actor Paul Walker & Jordana Brewster play the couple that started it all: Brian and Mia I caught up with the duo in London – where director Justin Lin shot the film.

Jordana Brewster: "Justin makes any city look ridiculous."

Paul Walker: "In a good way."

Jordana: "Ridiculously good."

Talk about ridiculous – we've been getting to know each other since the first fast film.

Shireen: "Does that mean I'm old? That means I'm old right?"

Paul: "Then we are old together."

Shireen: "OK well, if we are gonna go down."

Paul: "We will go down together like Thelma and Louise."

In fast 6, Brian and Mia are living family life on the lamb: But in real life, beating traffic in LA – well, it takes some creativity.

Jordana: "I listen to really boring things in the car, like NPR.."

Paul: "I drum the steering wheel. I'm always carrying a rhythm – even when there isn't music i have a rhythm."

Eventually, fast cars come acalling when the popo asks for help catching a real criminal so, the gang reunites.

The movie is expected to cash in big at the box office this Memorial Day weekend.

Shireen: "Do you guys believe social media has had an impact on the presence of the movie?"

Paul: "If i say one thing with a #FAST 6 everyone responds immediately – they're so excited about it."

33 million plus Facebook fans later – you have to ask – what's made fast – so famous ?

Jordana: "A lot of hard work and no one takes the fans for granted."

In the begiinning:

Paul: "It was low risk at the time, I was unknown, and vin hadn't done a lot and Jordana, hey you were great but that's a fact. Aand what we captured early on, no one knew it… it was the right thing to do at that time."

Paul: "I think the fun part now is going back and asking "what really happened there. what was the catalyst, what was the ingredient."

You can't recreate wheel – but like this movie – you can sure enjoy spinning it – it that rubber i smell?

Remember — don't speed, text, drink, talk to your mother, or make a sandwich while driving. Fast 6 opens in theatres Friday. Happy Memorial Day peeps.

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