WSVN — In a dream world, we'd all have personal chefs to cook us fabulous meals while we lounge around in our jammies. Well, for those of us who can't afford that luxury, how about settling for Dream Dinners?

Albertha Henry-Fraser: "The fun part is I get all the hard work done, and then, when I go home, it's just a breeze to cook."

At Dream Dinners in West Kendall, they do all the meal planning and food shopping for you. You just simply show up, pick out what you want to make and assemble the meals at different food stations.

Kelli Porter: "We provide everything: the recipes, the ingredients, the storage containers, the cooking instructions. Everything for you to assemble your meals here, put them in your freezer when you get home and thaw them out for the weeks ahead."

Each meal takes about four to six minutes to assemble. The menus change every month, and you can choose from dishes like chicken enchiladas, pacific cod with sweet potato frie or steak Gorgonzola.

Kelli Porter: "Our customers on average come once a month, and in less than two hours they prepare anywhere from six to 22 meals."

And most of the stuff is pretty healthy.

Tammy Reyes: "The majority of the meals are less than 280 calories, and all are foods are natural. We don't use any preservatives."

They often give tastings of the new items on the next month's menu, and a lot of people just make a party out of their time there.

Monica Cuenca: "A bunch of us come together. We bring a bottle of wine. We just make our dinner, drink our wine, have some laughs."

You leave with all your meals packed in a cooler.  Then just freeze them at home until you're ready to cook them.

Debbie Swicegood: "It does not have a freezer taste to it and thinking why it doesn't is because everything we put in it is fresh. There are no preservatives."

Amy Amor: "It'll be easier to have meals prepared ahead of time, and I can throw it in the oven or on the stove, and it's ready."

Now that's a dream come true.

Belkys Nerey: "It's also economical. Entrees range anywhere from $4 to $4.50."


Dream Dinners London Square 13630 SW 120th St. #224Miami, FL 33186305-232-3309305-232-3309

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