Donut Trends

WSVN — No matter where you live in South Florida, we're pretty sure you're gonna want to put Pembroke Pines in your GPS and jump in your car for these delicious doughnuts.

Shawn Neifeld -Owner, Mojo Donuts: "We're just constantly coming up with new flavors. Sometimes it's a hit, sometimes it's not."

From the looks of all the people lining up at Mojo Donuts' we're guessing most of the creations are a huge hit.

Michael Meredith-Customer: "Freshness, uniqueness, every bite you take you can tell that it was just made."

This husband and wife team make about 20 different flavors fresh each morning.

Shawn Neifeld -Owner, Mojo Donuts: "We have a cherry pie, it's cherry with chocolate. This is our blueberry cheesecake. We have guava and cheese, maple and bacon. The maple bacon is a staple, it's maple icing with applewood bacon."

The list goes on and on. With chocolate covered strawberry, lemon pistachio and they even break out the big guns for flaming delights.

Shawn -Owner, Mojo Donuts: "We've got the little hand torch where we do the S'mores. We do the meringue, where we toast up the meringue with the torch."

Just like a box of chocolates, we promise you will want to sample them all.

Zora Santelices: "There's too much variety to have one, you gotta try a little bit of everything."

Josh's Deli in Surfside may be known for their sandwiches, but they're also frying up some amazing donuts too.

Josh Marcus-Josh's Deli: "We're a deli first. The donuts are something we do Friday, Saturday and Sundays for the fun of brunch and that extra kick for breakfast."

You can play it safe with flavors like key lime or get your fill of something completely different.

Josh Marcus-Josh's Deli: "These are our chicken and waffles donut. Which is fried chicken skins with maple bacon cream. I love the idea of salty and sweet."

Josh Marcus-Josh's Deli: "We're doing a Roche Ferrer which is hazelnut cream with crushed hazelnuts and chocolate ganache."

They even make something for the eaters and the drinkers.

Josh Marcus-Josh's Deli: "I've made buttery nipple, which is Irish Cream with butterscotch glaze. I've done mudslides which is a coffee donut with chocolate ganache glaze."

All you calorie counters, don't blame us, we can't help what you do with this sweet information.

"It's a work of art, there you go. Bon appetit."

Prices for donuts at Mojo start at $1.16 and at Josh's you can get three of the small donuts for $7.


Mojo Donuts7906 Pines BlvdPembroke Pines, FL 33324

Josh's Delicatessen9517 Harding AveSurfside, FL 33154