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(WSVN) — You don’t need a lot of elbow grease or cold hard cash to keep your house sparkling.

Maria Soto: “There are great mixtures that we all have in our homes.”

Maria Soto from Molly Maids has some simple cleaning tips we can all use to save money.

To keep a toilet bowl bright use, believe-it-or-not, denture cleaning tablets.

Maria Soto: “You plop it into your toilet. Let it dissolve, it helps break up those calcium and lime deposits that make that ring around your toilet.”

Let it sit for 20 minutes then brush and flush for a sparkling bowl. Got a showerhead clogged with gunk? Don’t run out and replace it.

Maria Soto: “A great thing to do is take white vinegar with some water in a bag then tie it up to the showerhead with a rubber band. Let it sit for about 20 minutes.”

The gunk will be gone and the showerhead should work like new. If your glass left a stubborn water mark on your wood table, don’t despair.

Maria Soto: “You can mix equal parts baking soda, which most of us have in our home, and just some plain white toothpaste.”

Mix into paste, then rub with a cloth in a circular motion. Buff til stain is gone.

For shiny granite counter tops, you don’t have to buy an expensive cleaner. All you need is already under your sink. 

Maria Soto: “Quarter teaspoon of dish liquid detergent, a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol, two and a half cups of plain water.”

Combine in spray bottle for shiny and streak-free results.

Need to get rid of yucky stuck on food in your microwave?
Mix equal parts water, white vinegar and a squeeze of lime or lemon juice in a microwave safe bowl. Heat three to five minutes and let the steam do the work.

Maria Soto: “It loosens any crusty stuff that might be in there and then you just wipe it out when you’re done.”

And finally, who doesn’t enjoy a glass of red wine? But not when it stains the carpet. Maria says all you need is some club soda and a sprinkle of salt.

Maria Soto: “First you add your salt, then the club soda on top and you dab it.”

Repeat the process until the stain is out and your carpet is clean. 

Another tip, if a wood table has a stubborn watermark, use real mayonnaise. Let it sit overnight and buff it out in the morning.

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