WSVN — Miami Gardens Police got the call in December 2009: Shots fired at a car on 170th Street.

Witness: "It sounded like a machine gun."

As an officer pulled up, the camera in his patrol car recorded the scene: A car going in reverse.

Detective David Noble, Miami Gardens Police: "The first thing they saw was Carol's vehicle traveling in a counterclockwise motion, almost in a perfect circle in the intersection."

One officer tried to stop the car with his hands and couldn't. Finally, a police car pulled up to block Carol's SUV.

Artex Thomas, Carol's Dad: "She was slumped over the steering wheel."

The sight inside: Terrible. Carol Taylor had been ambushed.

Artex Thomas: "'Carol's been shot,' he said. 'She's gone, Mr. Thomas.' I said, 'What do you mean, she's gone?'"

The woman seemingly without an enemy in the world was gone.

Catherine Thomas, Carol's Mom: "To know her was to love her."

Her parents never expected her to be murdered, especially not in the way this happened.

Artex Thomas: "A car pulled in front of her and cut her off."

This re-enactment shows what Carol saw in the last few seconds of her life. The passenger jumping out of a car, walking up to her and firing 21 shots.

It makes no sense to her family, and after investigating Carol's background, detectives say, they don't understand it either.

Detective David Noble, Miami Gardens Police: "I can tell you that Carol Taylor was basically a model citizen."

But the model citizen became a murder victim.

Detective David Noble: "It could have been a mistaken identity case. It could have been somebody that had a personal vendetta against Carol specifically. We just don't know at this point."

Patrick Fraser: "The gunman was in a red Pontiac Grand Prix or some similar vehicle. The description of the killer: Tall, thin, black male. And as in most unsolved murders, not much else for police to go on, frustrating for detectives and the family."

Kevin Thomas, Carol's Brother: "You don't realize how important a person is in the fabric of the family until that person is gone."

Not only has Carol's murder devastated her family, the pain and agony has changed it.

Catherine Thomas: "My husband and I argue every day. He sleeps in another room, and I sleep in another room."

Their lives will never be the same. Carol will never be with them.

Kevin Thomas: "I have her on my laptop. I have a screensaver of her."

The killer may be watching. His arrest would be wonderful.

Catherine Thomas: "I want to see this person so I can look him in the face."

Somebody knows something about the gunman. If you are that someone, make an anonymous call.

Come forward. A coward jumped out of a car and fired 21 shots at an innocent woman. He doesn't deserve to enjoy life. Carol's family doesn't deserve what their lives have become. If you can help them and help catch a killer, give Crime Stoppers a call.

And if you fear people have forgotten about a loved one that was murdered, give us a call and discover how many people are still out for justice.


Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers: 305-471-TIPS

Out For Justice: 305-598-HELP (4357)

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