Martorano at the Hard Rock in Hollywood is doubling down on fun.Hit me baby! It's Black Jack while you eat.LARRY MULLIN: "It's the first restaurant ever with gaming tables and it's all about having some fun."You can bet a meatball but the house prefers cold hard cash. Run out of the green stuff? Have fun with your meal.Why Martorano? The Seminole Tribe liked the vibe.LARRY MULLIN: "You got the personality of the place and then you've got the great cook with a great personality and it just is a natural fit."The meatball maker is star chef – Steve Martarano. STEVE MARTORANO: "I wanted a place for one stop; you come you have dinner and not go somewhere else. I wanted you to stay here."And as Martarano marquee makes clear. Not liking what you see? Well that's a recipe for disaster.   He could be kidding…or maybe not!STEVE MARTORANO: "Somebody in Las Vegas, called me the Godfather of Italian-American cooking; now they're calling me – the People's Cook. I like that better. I really do, I like that better."The peeps seem to like Martorano too. Stars like Wilmer Valderrama – pay respect. Even "Godfather" star – Al Pacino. STEVE MARTORANO: "I had Al Pacino here. It was one of the highlights of my life."And Martorana meatballs are to die for. He cooked for "The Sopranos" five seasons…wonder what they'd do and if you manage to rob lady luck.Celebrate with friends or drown your losses with another

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