Bernie Sanders holds rally in Downtown Miami

MIAMI (WSVN) - Democratic presidential candidate held a rally in Downtown Miami, Tuesday night.

The topics on which he spoke were very broad.

“I have a feeling that you want to see this country move toward a political revolution,” Sanders said during the rally. “What we are seeing is billionaires buying elections.”

He also spoke on raising the minimum wage and even said he is ready to release his speeches. “I am prepared to release all of the speeches I gave to Wall Street,” he said.

What may be difficult, if not impossible for Sanders to accomplish is overtaking Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the delegate count. Each primary caucus win means delegates, and more delegates lead to the Democratic nomination. However, he is confident that he can do it. “There absolutely is [a chance to get more votes],” he said. “We are very very strong in a lot of states that are going to be coming up in the process.”

Sanders spoke on how he plans to turn enthusiasm into votes “Well I’ll tell you, we are doing that [turning support into votes],” he said. “We’re here, we’re gonna make the case. We got a great rally tonight, were doing other rallies, I think we got a shot to win here. ”

Bernie Sanders

Sanders is also very confident that he could be Donald Trump if he were to become the republican nominee. “That is not the kind of person the American people, I think, want as president of the United States,” he said. “I’m very proud that on almost every poll out there — national pools and state polls — we beat him.”

Sanders has said that he will be staying in the area and doing some debate prep for the upcoming debate.

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