Stephen Curry brings joy to 5-year-old boy with cancer

WSVN — A dream came true for a 5-year-old boy who was able to meet the NBA’s most valuable player.

Shawn Kennedy is a 5 years old who is in a fight for his life.  

"Shawn has brain cancer. It’s a very rare form of pediatric brain cancer. He’s in for a big fight because it’s inoperable," Mike Esposito, a family friend said.

Shawn has always had a dream to meet his hero: basketball great Stephen Curry, the star player for the Golden State Warriors.

Wednesday night in Miami, that dream came true.

"Steph is Sean’s idol. He always wanted to meet him and to get a chance, not only to meet him, but to spend time with him, to joke around with him. And to hang out with him was unfathomable," Esposito said.

This wasn’t just a momentary meeting. Curry sat with Shawn and his brother before the game against the Miami Heat.

 "They hung out with Steph for at least 45 minutes after," Mike Esposito said.

The man responsible for the once-in-a-lifetime meeting is Mike Esposito, a friend of the Warrior head coach.

"Steph and all the guys were tremendous," he added.

And Curry gave even more than his time to Shawn. He also gave him a pair of his game shoes and signed them.

Curry told him that one day Shawn will be able to meet the superstar’s kids, and he had another message for Shawn.

"Keep being brave," Shawn Kennedy said.

We met Shawn and his family at the airport before they left Miami. They tell me they will never forget this kind act.

Shawn lives in Niagara Falls, New York. As he heads home, he leaves with those shoes, and a message he will hold close to his heart.

He leaves with the memories of the game, when Curry hit a big three to seal the victory for the Warriors against the Heat.

When Curry hits a big shot, he points to the heavens, and so does Shawn.

 "We are going to pray. Please include this little boy in your prayers," Esposito said.