Barton G

JEFF O'NEILL: "We've done a 90 percent over haul to the menu. There are some signature items that stay true to the game–he's got a bit of a following for those items so they've stayed around. But other than that we've freshened it up introduced some new items, and did a complete overhaul."Don't freak out, the old favs are still there but you may want to try the newbees.JEFF O'NEILL: "We changed the menu because its time. We re-launched the restaurant. We are opening a dining room upstairs and we are hosting events now."No bones about it you're going to love the Boarnie Madoff bucket of bones — it's got ribs, chicken and lamb. And the bread crusted zen scallops will have you rubbing your belly.JEFF O'NEILL: "Most of our presentations garner a look from the whole dining room. So if you are walking around with a three foot fork ppl will stop by and ask whats the fork I want the fork rather than ask whats the dish on the fork."Speaking of a three foot fork on the end of it is  — the 8 ounce great American filet or if you are on the fence — grab a sword — it comes with the rice cracker crusted samurai tuna and you'll want to gather your friends, Romans and country men for the 2 pound lobster tail!JEFF O'NEILL: "Our lobster appeciaous-it comes with a full size roman helmet. complete with the red mohawk running down it. def. a photo op. they end up on the heads all over the dining room."And whatever you do don't skip dessert. JEFF O'NEILL: "We changed the desserts about 80%."The purebred pudding will have you licking your chops, and the dog bowl it's served it. And the cheese cake board — looks savory,  but it's a sweet treat.JEFF O'NEILL: "The cakes are made from specific cheese – rockfold, gorg. dolche keyha, in the style of a traditional cheese board."So which came first the new dishes or the presentations? Does it matter ? It's Barton G. You know it's going to be filling and fun.