Zaika Grill Indian food

If you’re not as adventurous with food as other Miami foodies, don’t give up just yet. Deco found a place that’ll serve you the food you’re used to, with an Indian flair.

Zaika Grill is an authentic Indian restaurant in Pembroke Pines where flavors and cultures find themselves in a masala … a mix.

Syed Chishti: “It’s like a combination. It’s a little bit American, a little bit Indian, a little bit Chinese.”

Here’s the food we grew up with: chicken wings, burgers, pizza … all seasoned with Indian spices.

Take this crispy chicken sandwich.

Syed Chishti: “I created my own seasoning in it, and for four for five hours, we marinate in the seasoning. Then we dip in the flour, the flour also has the seasoning.”

A mix of clove, cumin, turmeric and more will penetrate your sense of taste and smell.

Syed Chishti: “We make the wings in the clay oven, which we call tandoori chicken wings. We marinated overnight in Indian sauce, and we put in long skewer and those wings go in the oven.”

Or — there’s breaded, deep fried chicken wings too … sinfully good.

Syed Chishti: “When we make the flour, that’s where we put a little bit flavor of garlic, a little bit Indian spices, black pepper, things like that to bring it a different taste.”

The different taste is carried on to an Indian style pizza, made with naan — a traditional yeast-free bread — made inside an Indian clay oven.

Tommy Nguyen: “Delicious, it’s one of a kind. Never had a tandoori chicken pizza before, but it’s phenomenal.”

On top — tomato sauce.

Syed Chishti: “It’s not a real Italian sauce. The base is a tomato, and then I put some of my own Indian spices.”

Then — cheese, onions and green peppers are joined by Indian style chicken.

Syed Chishti: “We make boneless chicken tandoori, marinated in garlic, ginger spices and then in the clay oven.”

Safaa Hussaini: “I feel like they do a very good job at blending the spices, and you can chose what level you want it. We’re Indian, so we love it very spicy.”

If you go overboard with the heat, get yourself a mango yogurt drink called lassi.

And don’t forget dessert.

Syed Chishti: “We have the falhuda which goes with mixed fruit, strawberry jelly, some whipped cream, pistachio ice cream and some strawberry syrup goes on top.”

Zaika Grill
1491 N Palm Ave.
Pembroke Pines, FL 33026
(954) 391-9919

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