Warren Beatty talks about that Oscars mix-up

(WSVN) - It may go down as the most memorable moment in Oscars history. Warren Beatty took the majority of the blame for the best picture mixup. And now for the first time, he’s breaking his silence about what really happened.

Warren Beatty: “I guess you could say it’s chaos.”

It’s been nearly seven weeks since the Academy Awards, but Warren Beatty still seems very uncomfortable talking about that night. He appeared on the Graham Norton show in his first interview since the infamous Best Picture mixup.

Warren Beatty: “And the Academy Award for Best Picture…”

Faye Dunaway: “You’re impossible.”

That’s what we all saw as it played out on live TV with millions of people watching around the world. Warren now giving his side of the story.

Warren Beatty: “My instructions were, take the envelope when I walked out — I couldn’t have it before that — and I go out and then I say something and then I open the envelope and then I then give it to Faye and then she then says what it says.”

Faye Dunaway: “La La Land.”

Warren says he knew immediately that something was wrong.

Warren Beatty: “I thought, well maybe this was a misprint, and I thought that I shouldn’t foul up the show just because I made a little error.”

That little error went unnoticed for two minutes and 26 seconds before the correct envelope was found.

Jordan Horowitz (La La Land producer): “This is not a joke. Moonlight has won Best Picture. Moonlight. Best Picture.”

While it was wasn’t exactly his fault — Warren seems fully aware of just how big that little error was.

Graham Norton: “You were involved in the sort of TV moment of the year if not the decade.”

Warren Beatty: “Not the century?”

Graham Norton: “Let’s go with century. Let’s go with century.”

But at least he can still make light of the situation.

Graham Norton: “But also that night I guess that’s all anyone could talk about.”

Warren Beatty: “No, that’s not true. People talk about themselves.”

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