W South Beach hosts free exhibit for Art Basel weekend

Tickets to some Art Basel events are almost as expensive as the art itself! But not at one venue where you can look for free. Time to be a part of South Florida’s art scene, and the W South Beach is just the place to do it.

Lisa Heath, W South Beach: “For Art Basel, W South Beach is hosting several different pop up exhibitions, featuring lots of different international artists in our bungalows.”

W South Beach’s bungalows have been made over with masterpieces, and best of all, it’s free for everyone to see.

Lisa Heath: “It provides an intimate experience and be able to walk into a guest room essentially and have it be a pop up art gallery.”

Step inside the first bungalow.

Lisa Heath: “Bungalow One is the Smith Davidson gallery featuring over 15 different artists.”

The art in here changes everyday and is all over the bungalow. Deco found Banksy’s “Gangsta Rat” piece in an unlikely place.

Lisa Heath: “Banksy is in the bathroom.”

You don’t need to be famous to see the art here, but you may run into someone who is.

Paul Oakenfold, producer and DJ: “There are some wonderful pieces. One of them I am thinking of buying.”

Paul Oakenfold’s knows good music, and he knows good art when he sees it.

Paul Oakenfold: “I have been coming to Art Basel for many, many years, and I have seen it grow, and music is a big part of Basel. For the last five years, I have been playing. I like the idea of coming down here and meeting people in the art scene I wouldn’t generally meet.”

Over in bungalow four, it’s all about light and shapes.

Lisa Heath: “You will find Tim Boin’s ‘Geometry is Life’ exhibition, which features 10 different sculptures that focuses on the reflection of light.”

Tim Boin: “I think it’s an honor to be here with my art. I think it’s an honor to display the stuff over here. I am excited.”

Most of Tim’s art is tied to nature, but all have geometric shapes in them.

Tim Boin: “The bubble piece is an interactive piece to show forces that are not physical to the eye, but if you look closer and use techniques, it makes it visible.”

Tim’s sculptures take on a new look in the light, and thanks to W South Beach, guests get an up close look at it all.

The public has until Dec. 8 to check out all of the art.


W South Beach
2201 Collins Ave,
Miami Beach, FL 33139