Hair today, gone tomorrow, but something tells us the hair tinsel trend is here to stay.

In fact, celebrities can’t get enough of it, and neither can we, so we asked pro hair stylist Mercedes Roth, who works at Vida Dry Bar, how to wear the tinsel trend with pizzazz.

You can whip your hair back and forth all you want with hair tinsel.

Mercedes is showing us how to do just that, by recreating some fab looks at Vida Dry Bar in Wynwood.

Mercedes Roth: “The hair tinsel trend is actually extrensions, but they’re colorful extensions. The extrensions are small pieces you attach to your hair.”

The early 2000s trend has been taking over social media and celebs can’t get enough.

Mercedes Roth: “Some celebrities that have been loving the hair trend are Beyonce, Katy Perry and Kasey Musgraves.”

Even Christina Aguilera!

Mercedes Roth: “It’s become popular because it’s something really nice where you can be playful with it but also be very elegant.”

Getting tinsel’d is easy:

Mercedes Roth: “You just take a piece of the hair and it comes with a little latch, you just wrap the hair with the tinsel and make a little knot.”

Once they’re in, just give ’em a trim to match your length, then voila, they’re ready to style!

Mercedes Roth: “You can definitely do some up-dos, you can do half up half down, ponytails, high ponytails, low pony tails. You can leave it out.”

You can even curl your tresses for a little extra fun.

As for what colors to dom that depends on you, but Mercedes has a few suggestions.

Mercedes Roth: “If you’re a brunette, you’re going to want that pop of color, you’re going to want to do your purples, your reds … My blondes, you’re definitely want to do that silver, pops of confetti colors to really contrast with the blonde.”

Christina Specos: “This trend is so cute. It reminds me of back in high school. I’m glad it’s back. I’m glad it’s acceptable for adults who want to have a good time. It was super easy to put in.”

The tinsel will stay on depending how often you wash your hair.

Either way, no one will take their eyes off your magnificent mane.

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