Shhh. Lynn’s got a secret. Under all her pretty clothes are some even prettier clothes. We can’t show them to you, but Thursday night there was a party in honor of underwear — and, of course, Deco was there.

There was a heavenly party at 1 Hotel South Beach, Thursday night, hosted by Leomie Anderson. She’s one of the newest Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Leomie Anderson: “I think that this is an amazing party, and I think that it’s just very Victoria’s Secret. They want to celebrate female empowerment, and they want to celebrate female unity, so we’re surrounded by amazing women.”

Guests were invited to mix and mingle. It was a gem of a night.

Leomie Anderson: “We have the crystal reading, which I think is very cool, and I love sushi, and there is sushi over there, so what’s not to love about this party?”

Alexa Collins, Victoria’s Secret Angel: “I think it’s so beautiful, so pretty. I didn’t expect this at all, pink everywhere.”

The incredible night was in honor of Victoria’s Secret’s Incredible Bra.

Leomie Anderson: “I think it’s something that needs to be celebrated. because people don’t realize how much we take for granted a very good bra, and this bra is not very just good; it literally is incredible. It’s very unique, it has a lot of patented technology. It has a padded underwire, so you literally don’t feel a thing, which I love.”

Guests got to try on the special bra and even had a bra fitting at the bash.

Leomie Anderson: “It’s a very intimate one-on-one moment that you have with the fitter, and it just makes sure everything is sitting correctly.”

And folks walked out with a goodie bag filled with intimates, including the Incredible Bra.

Alexa Collins: “Very comfortable. I didn’t feel the wires at all. Absolutely amazing, really pretty.”

If you missed out on the soiree in honor of this shapewear, don’t worry. They’ve got you covered.

Leomie Anderson: “You can head to any Victoria’s Secret store. Just make sure you go get your fitting first, and then go grab yourself an Incredible Bra.”

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