Unicorn Trend from hair to drinks to food across SoFlo

There’s something magical going on. It’s a trend that will have people seeing unicorns. Sorry — we don’t have any horned horses but we do have SoFlo’s take on this colorful concoction.

From hair do’s, to drinks — the unicorn trend has been everywhere. Even celebrities have gotten in the mix.

And in Miami — we’re eating it up.

Sugar Factory on South Beach is known for creating sweet treats.

Bryan O’Shields: “When people think of unicorns, they think of a silver horn on a horse, but for us it’s a lot more excitement and fun.”

It’s a restaurant, a candy shop and a unicorn lovers dream come true.

Bryan O’Shields: “People have latched on to this crazy of a unicorn. We were there before anyone else did. We do a unicorn pop and we use that in our Lollipop Passion Goblet.”

Yup, a unicorn lollipop inside one of their famous nitrogen goblets.

Bryan O’Shields: “Our goblets are amazing. They are large cocktails either alcoholic or non-alcoholic.”

At Sugar Factory, the trend is all about colors and fun.

And now… buns

Bryan O’Shields: “We have created an item that is called Rainbow Sliders. We did simple cake coloring that you can use in birthday cake and we mixed in our brioche bun.”

The rainbow buns are put around fresh ground beef sliders.

Bryan O’Shields: “We grill it on the grill. We add some Sugar Factory burger sauce.”

The color doesn’t add flavor but it can make your social media the talk of the town.

Sabrena Younan: “The colors, it’s pretty. It’s bright green and bright purple and everything.”

Five colorful sliders are five times the unicorn flair.

Over at Halves & Wholes on South Beach… they’re taking a bite out of the unicorn trend.

Bernie Matz: “Halves & Wholes has been with the unicorn trend since we opened. We make ice cream sandwiches and we have our Unicorn Ice Cream Sandwich.”

Halves & Wholes is a sandwich shop — so it makes sense to have one in honor of our favorite mythical creature, right?

Bernie Matz: “The Unicorn Sandwich is red velvet cookie with vanilla ice cream and dipped in Fruity Pebbles.”

The Unicorn Ice Cream Sandwich mixes my favorite food groups — cookies, ice cream and cereal. Delish!


Sugar Factory Ocean Drive
1144 Ocean Dr.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Halves & Wholes
1600 Alton Rd.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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